Calculate horses feed requirements and estimate
the nutritionally balanced ration according to workload

CABALIM concept is by Alexandre A. SCRIABINE, equine nutrition specialist.
Software design by Eric BARJOT the webmaster of this site.

CABALIM is official program used by state owned French "Haras nationaux " (Web)



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Download CABALIM Version 3.01c - 05/28/2008

Works exclusively on MS Windows (95, 98, ME, NT, 2000, XP and higher)
N-B : Software CABALIM must not be installed in " Program Files " but in any other directory to be created. Indeed, Windows VISTA does not allow to change files contained in the directory " Program Files ",
even if the user is also acting as the PC Administrator.
Everything works fine if CABALIM is installed in: C:\CABALIM 3, for example

CABALIM can be downloaded for a 30 days free trial period.
Not all functions are available in the trial version.

Download CABALIM (Modules 1 & 2)
Setup file : icabalim3.exe - 7.356.143 bytes


ZIP file : icabalim3.zip (Unzip and run icabalim3.exe)

CABALIM software is fully available in English
but for simplicity reasons, some examples have been left in French. You can change them.
When the software is active, English Help is available by using F1 key.

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