Calculate horses feed requirements and estimate
the nutritionally balanced ration according to work

CABALIM concept is by Alexandre A. SCRIABINE, equine nutrition specialist.
Software design by Eric BARJOT the webmaster of this site.

CABALIM is official program used by state owned French "Haras nationaux " (Web)



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With CABALIM (Assembled or separate modules) you can :
 calculate your horse's nutrional needs according to these breed and workload ;
 choose a balanced ration according to requirements, and validate it with ratios (dry matters/calories, Ca/P, Zn/Cu, etc...).
 manage your own horse feed list including technical characterics and prices.
 foresee the total feed requirments and related cost for the a certain time period ( week, month, year ...
 plan and manage horse care with the possibility of using alarms on scheduled dates.
 to classify your horses by strings, by location or by customer (veterinary doctor...),etc.
 print all datas by string, horse, feed requirement card, feed table or care. You can print the feed requirement card with your own logo and details.

Notes :
 CABALIM calculations are based on the combined practical experience of horse owners and breeders as well as the most recent scientific works performed and published particularly in France.

 CABALIM is a tool to optimize and achieve a well-balanced feed ration ; without any pretention for therapeutic value which is a matter of veterinary competence only..

 Feed and ingredients as well as their up-dated nutrient specifications placed in the "FEED TABLE" are the choice and full responsability of the CABALIM software end-user. The initial "FEED TABLE" provided with the software includes ingredients extracted from either the "Tables de la composition chimique et de la valeur nutritive des aliments" published by INRA - French Government Agricultural Research Institute, or from feed companies or feed wholesalers documentations.
The decision to use them in the "FEED TABLE" is strictly the responsability of the end-user.

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