Calculate horses feed requirements and estimate
the nutritionally balanced ration according to work

CABALIM concept is by Alexandre A. SCRIABINE, equine nutrition specialist.
Software design by Eric BARJOT the webmaster of this site.

CABALIM is official program used by state owned French "Haras nationaux" (Web)


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The pack CABALIM consists of 3 modules : 2 software units and one calculator :

CABALIM - unit 1 Sport & Competition : riding horses and ponies, work and carthorse, racehorse.

CABALIM - unit 2 Breeding & Stud Horses : stallions, pregnant and lactating mares, foals and youngsters.

CabalimCalc (602 Ko) : UFC and MADC calculator. This module allows you to calculate nutritional energy UFC and MADC values from the nutrient specification of any ingredient.
Cabalim Calc is a freeware in english, russian and french.


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